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Digitalize your recruiting process

Save time and money with the global recruiting portal

Our goal

For a successful recruitment you need a profitable recruiting process, an extraordinary candidate experience as well as data and analyses to be able to control recruiting properly.

Our goal is to help companies recruit more successfully.

The CleverMatch recruiting portal supports you with innovative technologies and comprehensive services to generate more qualified applications and submit a job offer to the right candidates.

Get to know CleverMatch

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Why you should use a digital recruiting process

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More applicants

Increase the number of applications by 30%.

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Less time to fill positions

Reduce the time for finding new employees by up to 80%.

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Lower costs

Reduce your costs by half.

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CleverMatch sets a new standard for recruiting

Fully integrated recruiting portal

No matter your industry or the size of your company, you will benefit from this fully integrated recruiting portal. It offers comprehensive services for finding, selecting and assessing your candidates. You choose the services that best suit you and build a modular structure. No interface issues.

Global approach

You have access to more than 180 countries. The recruiting portal can be used in all languages and for any and all positions, from intern to specialist to executive level, in locations worldwide and for an unlimited number of users.

Pay per use

It’s just like shopping online: initial use of the application management system is free of charge; you pay only for those services that you actually use. No license fees, no minimum term or volume.

No costs for training or installation

You can start using CleverMatch right away; it is user-friendly and intuitive. CleverMatch is web based, meaning you and the candidates can access and use it anywhere in the world and on any kind of device.

Candidate journey

The differentiated candidate journey, optimized for mobile application, enables you to configure individual contact points for every position. Just drag and drop – it’s simple. From applications without CV all the way to highly detailed enquiries. You increase a positive experience for the applicants – the candidate experience – and benefit from an increased number of qualified applications.


Get a real-time overview, at any time and from any device, of the status of a project or candidate. You can log as many users as you like, in locations all over the world, and give them various levels of access. There are numerous different access hierarchies available, from mere observer to administrator.


You already enjoy a successful collaboration with HR providers who are not part of the CleverMatch set-up? You are happy with your own application management system? No problem. Our open interface allows a seamless integration of CleverMatch into your processes. Don’t hesitate to contact our integration expert to learn more.

Innovative HR solution – partner models

You offer your own innovative HR solutions? Contact us to discuss partner models. We are always interested in new ideas and solutions for our clients and in ways to integrate them into the recruiting portal quickly and in a flexible manner. Don’t hesitate to contact our partner expert to learn more.

Data protection

CleverMatch is a European company, and we take data protection seriously. All the data we receive is stored in accordance with the GDPR in an ISO-27001 certified European data center that is compliant with EU data protection laws.

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